The DGSPortal is provided by TransFollow BV and gives information about the transport of dangerous goods (the DGSPortal and the information together are "DGSPortal") to which the European Agreement concerning the international carriage of Dangerous goods by Road ("ADR") applies. You may only use the DGSPortal if you have the up-to-date training, expertise and required experience regarding the dangerous goods in question. Although TransFollow has taken care to collect and assemble the information which is provided via the DGSPortal, the DGSPortal may contain mistakes or be incomplete, and the DGSPortal cannot replace your good judgement. Neither TransFollow BV nor those for whom it is responsible are liable for costs incurred or damages suffered by you or by a third party in connection with the DGSPortal, regardless of the legal basis on which the liability is based. You will indemnify TransFollow BV and those for whom it is responsible and hold it harmless regarding claims from third parties with respect to the DGSPortal. The DGSPortal belongs to TransFollow BV and its licensors. The DGSPortal may only be used in connection with the aspects regulated by the ADR (area, nature of transport, goods, etc.). Your right to use the DGSPortal is also non-exclusive, and may not be transferred or sub-licensed. TransFollow BV may, without prior notice, change the DGSPortal and these conditions and deny or limit access to the DGSPortal. Dutch law is applicable and any disputes shall only be settled via the competent court in The Hague. By using the DGSPortal, you agree to these conditions."